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Maintenance Technician / Diesel Mechanic, Navy Veteran - Actively Looking for a New Opportunity

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Maintenance Technician / Diesel Mechanic, Veteran - Actively Looking 

Location Preferences: South Carolina

Salary Requirements: $70,000

Career Interests: Maintenance Manager/Supervisor

Military Branch: Navy

Rank: E6

Military Specialty: Machinist Mate (Axillary - Submarines)
Length of Military Service: 20 Years

Military Discharge: Honorable Discharge

Available to Start Work: Within 30 Days
Candidate ID: MV190

Associate Degree – Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

CFC/HCFC Refrigerant Processing & Handling Technician – Type I, II, III (Universal)
Department of Labor Apprenticeship Completion into Journeyman:
Water Treatment Plant Operator (4000 hrs.) - Aug 2022
Pipe Coverer and Insulator (6000 hrs.) - Apr 2021
Computer Operator (2000 hrs.) - Jan 2018
Hydroelectric-Machinery Mechanic (4000 hrs.) - May 2017
Refrigeration Mechanic (8000 hrs.) - Nov 2016
Pump Repairer (6000 hrs.) - Jun 2015
Maintenance Mechanic (8000 hrs.) - Mar 2014
Correction Officer (2000 hrs.) - Jan 2012
Diesel Mechanic (8000 hrs.) - Feb 2010

Notable Skills:
- Blueprint Reading

- Boiler

- Calibration


- Electrical/Mechanical

- Facilities Maintenance


- Mechanical

- Plumbing

- Programmable Logic Controller

- Refrigeration

Supervisory Experience: Yes

Electrician Experience:
-480V experience

-Industrial electrician experience

-Interpreting electrical sketches, diagrams, and blueprints

-Maintaining and repairing power distribution systems, electric motors and appliances, shipboard elevator systems and electronic consoles

-Three-Phase Power System experience

Electronics Technician Skills:
-Ability to read and interpret technical schematics, diagrams, and manuals||-Familiarity with a variety of test equipment, such as oscilloscopes and multimeters||-Proficiency in troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining electronic equipment and systems||-Technical knowledge and expertise in electronics, electrical systems, and computer systems

Power Generator Repair / Maintenance Experience: Yes

Machinery/Mechanical Skills:
-Aligning piping systems for oil, water, air, and steam

-Cleaning, adjusting, testing, and maintaining boilers, engines, and generators

-Creating and analyzing machinery operating reports and records

-Maintaining auxiliary machinery including steering engines, elevators, winches, pumps, and valves

-Maintaining refrigeration plants, air conditioning systems, and galley equipment

-Operating and maintaining water desalination plants

-Operating ship boilers and steam turbines used for ship propulsion

-Operating turbo generators used to produce electrical power

-Repairing valves, pumps, heat exchangers, compressors, steam turbines, and hydraulic and pneumatic devices

Vehicle Type Experience: Fork Lifts

Mechanic Skills:

• Automotive Repair

• Diesel Engine Repair

• Oil Change

• Tire Service

Utilized Master Control and Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager maintenance tracking programs to streamline maintenance processes, monitor equipment performance, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Utilized Honeywell EMS/BMS (Energy Management System/Building Management System) for efficient building control and optimization, enhancing energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Developed and maintained comprehensive maintenance schedules, optimizing submarine operational readiness, and minimizing downtime.

Exhibited exceptional expertise in hydraulic maintenance and repair, ensuring the submarines' hydraulic systems operate at peak efficiency and safety.

Collaborated effectively with cross-functional teams and departments to coordinate maintenance activities, ensuring seamless integration of auxiliary systems into broader ship operations.

Oversaw and managed preventative maintenance schedules and corrective maintenance procedures for essential shipboard systems, including the Divers Quality Air system, hydraulics, pneumatics, and seawater systems.

Leveraged technical knowledge and expertise to identify and recommend improvements to auxiliary equipment, ensuring compliance with rigorous Navy standards and enhancing the overall readiness of submarine systems.

Please let me know if you would like more information.

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